RightChoice is a Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA) package.

Do you have to choose from a group of alternative options?

Do you have a good appreciation of the criteria under which these alternatives can be compared?

In order to address such decision modelling, we have developed RightChoice.

RightChoice is used to evaluate alternatives using many criteria. For example, when choosing a new car, you are evaluating each car (alternative) by comparing such criteria as appearance, performance, economy and safety. Such a model could be used by almost everyone with such a decision, as the tool allows you to define the importance of each criterion to you. If you feel that safety and economy are very much more important than, say, performance, then you are able to indicate this by inputting a “degree of importance” or weight for each. This is then reflected in the ranking of each alternative.

The software also allows you to gauge quickly the sensitivity of your chosen alternative to changes in the weights applied. For example, you may find that with a slight increase in the importance of overall safety, car A may become the best choice over car B.

Conference Version

Sometimes you need to involve a group of decision makers in the assessment of options. RightChoice Conference version enables a group to “vote” on their preferences and evaluate the individual and group choices. The facilitator can view all decisions and lead group discussions where opinions differ.

Example Uses

Office or warehouse location, new equipment or software options, alternate vendors, tender evaluation – these are a small number of example decision areas supported by RightChoice

RightChoice is now free for commercial and academic use. Download.

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