Vensim 6.1 Released, May 2013

Release Version 6.1 includes …

New functionality

  • Default settings in vensim.ini have been improved.
  • There is a new option to treat double-precision numbers in change files as single precision (floats), for consistency with single precision simulations and native model variables.
  • There are new keyboard shortcuts for sketch tools.
  • The File>Edit dialog type menu is better ordered.
  • Optimization payoffs may now be retrieved by the DLL

Bug Fixes

  • The .dll functions vensim_synthesim_vals and the corresponding VensimCSynthesimVals have been revised to eliminate a bug that prevented them from functioning. This changes the calling interface. Calling vensim_get_data with a null or empty filename to retrieve SyntheSim results now works.
  • An error in setting Placeholder values for Partial Simulation has been fixed.
  • mdl.bat has been improved for easier compiled simulation, especially on 64-bit Windows systems.
  • vensim.h has been modified to permit use of string variables in compiled simulations.
  • Bar graph display for zero and negative bars improved.
  • ODBC works in double precision.
  •  A rare error in ALLOCATE AVAILABLE has been fixed.
  •  Paths in DLL examples have been updated.
  •  A crash when exporting datasets with subscripts in own columns has been fixed.
  •  Table backgrounds colors were not being being applied, this has been fixed.
  •  Export to Excel when using single precision Vensim has been improved.
  •  A crash when writing to the error log has been fixed.

In addition, there are various corrections and improvements to documentation.

If you have a maintenance contract, you can download the latest version here.